Paddle surf por la noche

Ven paddle surf en can pastilla después de las 7 y recibirá el mejor mojito en la isla de forma gratuita con la compra de una hora en la paddle surf! Nos vemos allí!


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Kayak, Snorekling, and Cliff Jumping

The best tour in Majorca! For 40 euros you and your friends will kayak on the shores of Illetas to the cliff jump where the jumps range from 3 to 8 mts! Then we row to one of the islands to experience snorkeling in the Mediterranean Sea, sights underwater you do not want to miss out on! After all the activities we kayak to a bar for a cheeky drink!

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Best Paddle Surf Deal in Majorca! Paddle surf for 2 hours in Can Pastilla for the price of 1 hour this week only!

Or come after 19:00 this week where you can paddle surf for an hour in the seas of Majorca and after enjoy a free mojito made by the best!

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Rock climbing

Deal of the day! If you are an experienced or a beginner at rock climbing come out today with mallorcaextremesports while the weather is still cool! There are many options to choose from on the website after deciding what adventure you want to go on contact See you there!

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Rappel Absailing

Absail in the beautiful city of Valdemosa with MallorcaExtremeSports! We are offering a deal of a lifetime 40 euros per person includes absailing from 3 different heights 25 mts, 35 mts, and 50 mts equipment and professional tour guides to keep you safe.

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Neueste Angebote Mallorca Extreme Sports
Mallorca extremsport, Paragleiten, Quads, Kitesurfen, Paintball, Klettern.

e air sports are mentioned including: BASE jumping, bungee jumping, gliding, hang gliding, high wire, ski jumping, sky diving, sky surfing, and sky flying.

Eighteen land sports including: Paintball, indoor climbing, adventure racing, aggressive inline skating, BMX, caving, extreme motocross, extreme skiing, freestyle skiing, land and yachting, mountain biking, mountain boarding, outdoor climbing, sandboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, snowmobiling, speed biking, speed skiing, scootering and street luge.

Fifteen water sports including: barefoot water skiing, cliff diving, free-diving, jet skiing, open water swimming, powerboat racing, round the world yacht racing, scuba diving, snorkeling, speed sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, whitewater kayaking, windsurfing.

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